You may be the head of CX for your company, and while you're confident, it would be nice to have someone who knows this space well to talk to or bounce ideas off of. We also know companies aren't throwing budget dollars at things like this. So, our founder, Ty Givens is offering after hours time for CX leaders who want to invest in their own careers and growth.

The time slots are limited, so grab yours today.

"Chatting with Ty during our gave me such visibility and affirmation on where I am in my career and where I can venture to next. Being in the midst of starts ups and the surrounding culture can raise difficulties; I often feel as though what I desire from a company doesn’t exist. With Ty and CX actually, I finally feel hopeful, seen, and motivated to do whatever it takes to cultivate the position and career I’ve been longing for."
-CX Actually Member

1 hour session


1 hour session (3 sessions)


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We look forward to getting to know you. We want to be your support team as you continue to grow your skillset as a Customer Experience Operations expert.


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