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What is CX Actually?

CX Actually is a safe space to vent the frustrations and find solutions for challenges we all face when running and leading customer service teams or departments. We don’t just cover challenges with the functioning teams, we will also focus on challenges with setting up and/or growing customer experience teams.


We know that getting your company to invest in your growth can be challenging, so we are putting you in the driver’s seat of your own career.

Who is CX Actually for?

We are here for the people who run customer experience, support and service teams who are actually doing the work. We want to chat with the people who are accountable for the results. While we don’t turn away the decision makers (execs), they’re kept separate from the people doing the work, so that the feedback and information shared is pure, honest and real (without repercussion).


We also help connect customer experience leaders with companies seeking their skillset. You’ll take a quick assessment and will submit your resume to us. We will conduct a 15-30 minute screening to understand your goals. You’ll get feedback on any opportunities we see keeping you from getting to the level you want. You can also get coaching to help you achieve your goals.

How does it work?

Join our community to get access to resources that will help you navigate the challenges of being new to running CX or get to the next level while running CX. 


What’s the cost?

It’s free to join. Take our survey so that we can learn more about you, and you’re in.