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The only place in the world where customer experience people come first.

This is a safe space to learn what most think you should know, and to find solutions for challenges we all face when running and leading customer service teams, without judgement.

We welcome everyone of ALL levels join CX Knowledge Transfer Sessions. The more CX people know about how decisions are made, the better it is to change minds, not just processes.

Oh yeah, just in case no one told you today:

Our work IS important.

Running Customer Experience is not easy.

You are not alone.

Our Reason

Owned and operated by The Workforce Pro, CX Actually is to Customer Experience Leaders what The Workforce Pro is to businesses experiencing change. We offer solutions that no one else thinks of when it comes to CX.


We found it far too difficult to say goodbye to the amazing leaders we've worked with and this is the perfect way to keep the conversation going, keep the mentorship happening and allow leaders to invest in themselves, even if their company won't do it.

We know what its like to build and scale customer experience. There is an emotional and mental drain that turns physical if we don't get ahead of it. CX Actually helps you cope and overcome the stressors. We're in this together.

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Our founder Ty Givens loves to develop other leaders. With a 20 year career in customer experience, she wants to pass on knowledge, resources and other tools that will propel your career forward.

Being in the past, present and future while focusing on the people, process and tech is not easy to do. We will talk through pain points (that you likely thought you had to live through) and get to solutions.

Our time together will be both educational, and therapeutic. 

We are here for the leaders who are actually doing the work to lead customer experience and are accountable for the results. While we don’t turn away the decision makers, they’re kept separate from the people doing the work, so that the feedback and information shared is pure, honest and real (without repercussion).

We want to support you.

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After working with dozens of clients, we know exactly what companies are looking for and we also know which skills are required and which skills are missing from the CX population at large. We will chat with you to understand your goals and skills. Next, we will compare what you bring to the table to what our clients are requesting.

We want to help you grow your career.

Our Purpose

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We present vetted candidates to companies looking to fill their Customer Experience leadership roles. Share your criteria and if there's a match, we will coordinate an introduction.

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Leadership Placement


Virtual Monthly Sessions

How It Works

Become a Member

Join our community to get access to resources that will help you navigate the challenges of being new to running CX or get to the next level while running CX.


Simply take our Assessment and at the end, we will place you with a group of like-minded CX people.

Join Us

We will host group chats once a month (evenings) and focus on a new topic each time which is either driven by the group’s desire, an interesting or challenging case presented by a member, or planned curriculum. 

Get 1:1 Coaching

As head of CX, there may be no one there to mentor or develop you for the next level. Invest in yourself and get customized development for the next level in your CX career.

Why Join Us?

Each month, we will host free monthly sessions with our members that will focus specifically on the areas our clients desire most.


You can always take your career into your own hands by setting up 1:1 coaching sessions, or by subscribing to our CX Actually e-Learning resources.

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